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Anglica Theatrum, W. Hollar (c. 1640)

Anglica Theatrum, W. Hollar (c. 1640)
Hollar was the 1st Fashion Journalist

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pamella Roland

If you have recently pitched items from your closet to take to Good Will and you are finding your fall duds a little sparse, good news. My advice is to empty your 401k (just kidding) and buy every piece from Pamella Roland's collection and as long as you never change your size, you have made your last Good Will donation of your fall closet. Roshumba Willims reported for American Express that this is a collection for the "high-end, jet-setting woman." Ok, who doesn't want to dress like monied-set with style and grace? If you read my first article on this blog, you have a sense of my style or what I aspire it to be. From Grace Kelley to Angelica Houston, this collection fits them all. I wish to have every piece. I guess, if I could only pick one, no two, I would pick her black jersey low-cut evening dress and the black suit with a ruffle detail and no lapel. Rolland is a purist and this collection is a true state of brilliant manipulation of the fabric through tailoring and detail. I would buy every piece of this collection, as nothing is off-kilter or disproportionate. Williams also reported that she has a business degree from Michigan State. In the article by James Covert in New York Post's Business section, "OUT OF FASHION
Labels Play it Very Safe Amid Economic Slowdown," David Wolfe, creative director of the Doneger Group, which forecasts fashion and retail trends, states that designers are inclined to "play it safe and also make it exciting" as retailers need to focus more on their bottom line. In reflecting what Ms. Roland must have had on her mind when designing for next fall, he also exclaims that "the idea is to produce very luxurious versions of ordinary clothes." Kathy Deane, President of Tobe, a global fashion consultanting business agreed, stating that "that's partly because consumers are looking for clothes that will last." Pamella Roland's certainly will. Applause to you, Ms. Roland, you are not only a fabulous designer, but also a fabulous business woman. What is your ticker symbol, because I want to be long your collection?

So Many Shows, So Little Time

I need to do some serious catching-up from Sat, Sun and still view everything from today. I am seeing LOTS of narrow belts and strapless or assymetrical evening dresses with draping pulled to one hip. 60s/80s inspired color-blocking seems to also be popular. One thing I can say is that Peter Som did not dissapoint, starting the day off brilliantly. His pieces are gorgeous and then their is the every classic, Carolina Herrera. I am posed to watch Pamella Roland at 4pm, then Max Azria, again (his own line this time), and one of my favorites, Ports 1961 this evening. The sky may be gray in New York today, but these collections have put my mood in a sea of blue! Please tune back in after for my critical analysis and please comment!!!! Cheers!