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Anglica Theatrum, W. Hollar (c. 1640)

Anglica Theatrum, W. Hollar (c. 1640)
Hollar was the 1st Fashion Journalist

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hat Chat

Last February, I was pleased to see chic hats back on the runway for Fall 2007. They were the "headliners" at Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Max Azria and Abaete, completing their looks. Ann Klein also used some floppy knitted things that looked like dreadlocks on the model's heads and hats with brims that looked like visors are not even worth mentioning. With talk of Fall 2008 bound with cinched waists and stacked high with thicker heels, will designers give us that truly lady-like look for next fall? Perhaps in hommage to Valentino, red will pen the lips of many at the shows to go with luxurious cashmere suits. Gasp. As a milliner, I can only hope and be ready with some fur felts for blocking. I hope it will be a busy summer. At Proenza Schouler last fall, we saw gorgeous beaver fur cloches paired with strong red lips.

Kudos to Marc Jacobs for last Fall's collection as he used hats to top his clothes that otherwise, could have been a bit dowdy, but the hats made everyone want to look like his models. There was nothing more chic on the runways. I loved this looks so much I had to put in all of these images- I just couldn't help myself.

Unfortunately, hats did not bode as well in their Spr '08 collections. Proenza Schouler sported a military horseman's/British bobbie look, which looked like the designer was adding a tongue-in-cheek approach to their chapeaus. Marc Jacobs also added hats in his Spring '08 collection. They were cute little "mod" style hats, like they off of a Vogue cover from 1969 (Vogue Italia with Marissa Berenson, which I just viewed today at the Peroni/Vogue exhibition of Italian fashion photography at the Twelve 21 gallery space). However, they were often ill-proportioned and the way they were placed half-cocked on the model's heads with messy hair tucked underneath, the "hat" look failed to be a look for the street, which for milliner's is especially important. If designers choose to show hats as a comical and not a wearable accessory, they will never be an easy-to-wear trend again, no matter how easy-to-wear and flattering they can be. Well, at least they are still using them, which is better than most designers.

So please, please, Marc, please don't forget how great we make your clothes look and other designers, please take note!!!