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Anglica Theatrum, W. Hollar (c. 1640)

Anglica Theatrum, W. Hollar (c. 1640)
Hollar was the 1st Fashion Journalist

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank you, Mr. Valentino

This week wraps-up the Paris Couture shows. What a week of glorious clothes. Too bad for film nominees who may not be able to wear a rented dress for a night. All of the collections take me back to a more glorious period in twentieth century fashion. In order to ready ourselves for the New York RTW week, I will write this weekend to give us a run-down on Paris, gearing us up for a full week of fashion. As my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Heater would say "don't forget your thinking cap." One must brush-off the glitter and stardust of the celebrities, others' comments and be ready for critiquing the collections!!!

I would like to thank Mr. Valentino for an enormously fabulous 45 year career as a gifted artist whom understands women, perhaps more than any other designer. He took his final bows on the runway last evening, showing an incredible collection. His clothes are overwhelmingly beautiful and impeccably draped and tailored. The photograph to the right is a young Mr. Valentino in his workshop in Via Gregoriana in the early 1960s.